Equipment for paragliding

Equipamentos necessários para o voo de parapente. Foto tirada na decolagem em Mont Blanc - Chamonix - França, mostra diversos equipamentos prontos para decolagem

The main flight equipment, the canopy or ( vela in Portuguese) generates the lift that keeps us in flight. There are several manufacturers around the world, several models (see the comparison site para2000 ). The canopies are certified in categories, tested and classified by their constructive and dynamic characteristics, according to international standard .

A common person may call it "chair", the harness (in Portuguese selete ) connects the pilot / passenger through straps that attach to the legs. It may have the additional function of housing the reserve parachute and protecting it from small falls, by foam or even an airbag (inflated all the time). Also certified according to the international standard, it can be opened or a pod one.

Most pilots will never need it and you may think it makes no difference, but the Helmet , which is mandatory to use, can save you from dragons and falls, in unsuccessful takeoffs and landings. Use it, even on flights at the beach. See here a reputable magazine article on helmets.

The salvation in case of irrecoverable breakdowns, the emmergency parachute or only rescue , suitable for the weight of the pilot + passenger is mandatory. It must be re-folded annually by experienced pilots to ensure a quick opening. There are reserves of several types : airship , square , but the most common is the round . Before counting on him, the trained pilot has several maneuvers to keep the flight under control and recover from collapses or other breakdowns.

To get to know more, come on and fly!

This is a brief summary of the essential equipment for the flight. In addition to these, we also use GPS, radio communicator, variometer, compass and other instruments. Schedule your flight and get to know the details up close and experience the sensation of free flight!

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