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Buy your tandem flight at this website, you can pay in cash at the flying site or online with debit or credit card!

Flight time

It depends on the weather condition. Usually, 15 minutes, give or take and it seems an ethernity!

Footage your flight

Foto and video of your flight, to keep registered this amazing moment and share as you want with your friends on social networks.

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20% discount with coupon JUNTOS20 (valid ONLY for specific sites). Just try the coupon code when you close your order!

VoeDuplo paragliding videos

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Most asked questions from wanna fly people


I was always afraid of altitude so free flight was a personal challenge. The pilot demonstrated that he knows and mitigates the risks, which gave me a lot of confidence and security. The freedom you feel is incredible and the view is wonderful!

Fernando Nani Engineer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amazing experience, expetacular landscape! I thought I’d be very scared, but no! The seat transmits safety and the pilot reassures you because he has control of the whole process. Super attentive! Very calm and safe flight! Can not wait to repeat on other sites! 😀

Gabriela Martins Engineer, Porto Alegre - Brazil

One of the top experiences of my life. I was dying to do paragliding and at the same time, afraid. A friend introduced me to this fantastic pilot from VoeDuplo.com. The guy was awesome, reassured me from the chat at the base of the hill until the flight. Summary: I got a friend and a passion for free flight!

Chico no pouso sorrindo após um voo sensacional
Chico Bortolin Lawyer

The feeling of peace is amazing!

I made my first tandem paragliding flight in Pimenta-MG. As what is good deserves a second try, I made another 2 flights: in Japeri-RJ and in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro-RJ. I can tell I’m already addicted to free flight!

Passageira voeDuplo estampando um belo sorriso em voo
Cibelle M. Phonoaudiologist

It was an inexplicable sensation, beyond the boundaries of the mind. Axiety, fear, pleasure, lightness and peace, a lot of mixed feelings. I can summarize in FREEDOM. Therefore, I recommend to everyone who enjoys living to surrender to the pleasures that the world offers us with respect and love … Namaste!

Passageira que voou com voeduplo.com
Claudia Castro Engineer

Our proposal

  • Present the basics concepts of free flight to help you live this adventure SAFELY;

  • Give a small sample of how the flight is, from preparation, takeoff to landing;

  • Information about flying sites next to you;

  • Put you in touch with an registered tandem flight pilot.

If you have any questions before purchasing your flight, just send an email to [email protected] or
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