I booked my flight! What is next?

Dois passageiros na Rampa de decolagem de parapente em Paciência RJ

After scheduling your tandem flight on you will receive instructions from us on how to get to the flying site and what to take with you. Write down these tips to better enjoy your flight.

Find out what infrastructure the ramp has:

  • Shade, Drinking water
  • Bathrooms, cafeteria, restaurants etc.
  • Cellular network, Wi-Fi internet, electrical outlet etc

Some sites are 100% natural, so there is none of those listed above. So it is a good idea to carry with you water, snacks (cereal bar/protein are very practical) sunscreen, power pack (to recharge the cell).

Some people will be very well prepared and will take even a beach chair and tents!

In this website, click the menu Take of sites to get to know the best places for tandem flying in Brazil!

Confirm the route to reach the meeting point

The best person to help you is the pilot who will make the flight. While on some ramps it is only possible to climb a 4×4 car, in others you can arrive with ride car or even public transport.

Term of responsibility

It is common for the rider to ask the passenger or student to sign a term recognizing the risks of the sport. Therefore, it is important that you take all your doubts and understand that free flight is a radical sport. Therefore, practitioners are subject to accidents. The most important thing for the first-time flyer is to know what the risks lead to the most common accidents. Read the article Is it safe to fly paraglider? and get some tips to make an amazing flight!

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