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Sao Conrado (Pedra Bonita) – Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Voo em São Conrado mostrando instrumentos de voo e a Pedra da Gávea ao fundo

The takeoff

The sight from São Conrado takeoff, a.k.a. Pedra Bonita, lives up to the title of Wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. From there it is possible to have a beautiful look of the Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) hill, on the left and Pedra da Gávea (Rock of Gavea) on the right. It is the site where the largest number of tandem flights are performed in Brazil!

On the site there are excellent facilities to make yourself comfortable. For istance, there are sits available in the shade below the hang gliding wooden ramp. Moreover, you can purchase mineral water, snacks, soda and other food in the cafeteria.

What about the wind?

Each site has a predominant wind and the takeoff is built in the proper direction, so that most of the days are flyable. The pilot is responsible for monitoring the condition and giving the veredict if it is favorable. To avoid wasting time, talk to him before you  go or check this weather station. The best winds are from the quadrant S | SE | E (south, southeast, east). To fly safelly, the wind should not be strong, it must be between 0 to 25 km/h. In order to be there at the best meteorological condition, you'd better arrive in the morning, although there are also flights in the afternoon.

Takeoff inspector

São Conrado is one of the free flight sites that has flight control. The flight inspector is a professional hired by the local flight club responsible for certifying that the pilots have the proper qualification and homologation for the flight. On this particular takeoff, they also check all pilot-passenger connections to the equipment, as well as correct use of the helmet, which further increases your safety.


Altitude 507 m (1663 feet)
Distance record 115 km
Water & snacks for sale
+ 500 flights/year
Mobile coverage
Free entrance
Paved road
Takeoff inspector
Takeoff and trail start

Did you know?

One of the most coveted flights in Rio de Janeiro, even by the most experienced riders, is the flight from Pedra Bonita to Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer).

A person flying a paraglider on a grassy hill - Pedra Bonita
Pilotos de parapente chegando no Cristo Redentor após decolar da Pedra Bonita


This mode of flight with the aim of taking a stroll through the air is known as Cross Country, or simply XC. It is not common in ramps located on the coast, but a very peculiar condition allows the Christ's flight: usually occurs at the exit of the cold front, with wind from the south direction. If Windguru indicate temperature rising in the coming days and direction of the wind ↑ may be worth the attempt of going early to the take-off.

Oh, another piece of advice: As on the free flight the paragliding has no propulsion, the cross flight is not guaranteed. It is never known whether the destination will be reached or whether it will be necessary to land along the route. In the case of this flying site, the landing is very restricted along the way. Therefore only go if the pilot is very experienced!

More to do

While wating for the moment of the flight, there is a nice activity for those who have breath to spare: The trail of Pedra Bonita wich starts in the parking lot. To find out where it is, check the map in this article or search for "Pedra Bonita Trail" on Google Maps. Remember to bring water and sunscreen.

Getting there

The rendezvous point is next to the landing, in front of the São Conrado Free Flight club. It is a mandatory stop to be able to make the tandem or solo flight, as it is necessary to register before each flight. From there it is possible to obtain transfer to takeoff from approximatelly R$20.

There is also the Confederação Brasileira de Voo Livre (Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight), an entity that represents the free flight pilots and supervises compliance with regulations and laws regarding the sport in Brazil.

The map shows the location of the rendezvous point. You can click "View Extended Map" to browse Google Maps.

Public transportation is an option. Enter the starting point in the Moovit table and click on "Get Directions". We recommend installing the Moovit app on your mobile phone to guide you along the way. Metro station is far from there, we advise taking the buses.

Clube São Conrado de Voo Livre (Free flight club)

You can get there by public transportation

What is included in the flight?


Transfer between meeting point, takeoff and landing. If you prefer, you may do these routes with your own car and driver.

Tandem Paragliding Flight

Paragliding Tandem flight with a pilot certified from CBVL – Confederação Brasileira de Voo Livre (Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight).

Footage your flight

Foto and video of your flight, to keep registered this amazing moment and share as you want with your friends on social networks.

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