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Parque da Cidade (City Park) – Niteroi – RJ

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The site

The take-off ramp is located in Parque da Cidade, with access via Charitas beach. It is 270 meters high and is one of the most visited tourist spots in Niterói.

There are two takeoffs: quadrants from the south and north wind. Hard to decide which of the mountain side has the most beautiful view. North wind takeoffs are facing Charitas beach, overlooking Guanabara Bay, Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain. The South wind takeoff is aimed at Piratininga beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.
Parque da Cidade has a great infrastructure, maintained by the local city hall. An excellent choice is Parque Bistrô restaurant, where you can find varieties of juices, beers and meals that are a delight. The owners, Dalton and Dráuzio, are local pilots well known by the free flyers. How about an espresso with a view of the sunset?


270 m high
76 km distance record
Water and snacks for sale
+ 500 flights/year
Mobile coverage
Free entrance
No fee for flying
Paved road, easy for every car

The flying site

Por do sol visto do Parque Bistrô
Sunset from Parque Bistrô restaurant

Visitors and onlookers love to admire paragliding takeoffs. The audience spares no applause and screams when witnessing every lucky one that flies away.

The landings are made on the beach of São Francisco, Piratininga or on the lawn of the official landing that is just below the takeoff. The best part of landing on the beach is that besides the amazing look you can have a beer or a very cold coconut water at the kiosks.

Let's go and fly

One of the most asked questions: Is it safe to fly paraglider? Here at VoeDuplo you will find articles that guide you. See the answer to that question and learn more in this article. The wind shall not be strong, it must be from 0 to 25 km/h. Here is a piece of advice: it is best to arrive in the morning, even though in the afternoon sometimes is also possible to fly.

You are in Rio de Janeiro and want to fly tandem paragliding? Niteroi is a great option for those on low budget!

How to get there

It is easy to get there, so the ideal meeting point is right in Parque da Cidade. Thus, while you wait your turn, you can watch the takeoffs and do some sightseeing.

Those who are in Rio de Janeiro, on weekdays, also have the option of taking a catamaran and disembarking at Charitas beach, where the official landing is. From there, just take an Uber, 99 or taxi to the Ramp. In the app, the race costs between R $ 5 and 7. The catamaran leaves Praça XV, in Rio de Janeiro. The ideal is to leave early in the morning, when they leave every 20 minutes. You can find all the times of the catamaran here. ATTENTION: the catamaran does not work on weekends.

If you prefer, you can go by car as the Park has free parking. If it is full, you may park next to the entrance. Given that the hill is very smooth, any car is able to climb.

Parque da Cidade de Niterói Estr. da Viração, s/n - São Francisco, Niterói - RJ

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